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Juke - Football Endless Runner

Sport Action et aventure
Développeur Winjit Games

Football season isn't over. There is still time for one last breakaway power beast run to the end zone.Juke combines the excitement of American football with classic arcade game action. Dodge the opposing team's players to score a touchdown. Keep running! Collect money and health to prolong your run. Try a spin-juke move to get out of trouble.
Grab a briefcase for a burst of power running and temporary invincibility. Smash some cars while you are at it. And watch out for clowns... you have been warned!
This is the unlimited version of Juke. Select from 12 different football players. No advertisements or in-app purchases. Touchdown! If you enjoy NFL football or the super bowl, try Juke.
Maelstrom Interactive is a small, family company from Kirkland, Washington. If you enjoy Juke, please help us by leaving a review in the Google Play app store. Thanks!